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The information you need to optimize alarm management

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80% - 99%

Of alarms in hospital units
are false or clinically insignificant

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Reduce Nuisance Alarms

Prevent Patient Falls

Eliminate Alarm Fatigue

Optimize Rounding 

CareSight transforms data into insight for decision support

To improve patient experience, safety, and team efficiency

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See how CareSight helps
Nursing Management

See how Alarm Analytics mitigates fall risk

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Reducing Alarm Fatigue improves patient
morale, patient experience, and safety

Case study from 250 bed hospital 6 months after install

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Fewer urgently
broadcasted codes

Less patient video
monitoring notifications

Reduction of false
alarm notifications

Of patient calls
to RNs eliminated

Prevent alarm fatigue

See how alarm analytics helps to
reduce nuisance alarms, eliminate over-notification, and properly classify alarm types.

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The right data enables significant improvements

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Alarm Fatigue

Reduce the noise and distraction
associated with alarm overload

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Patient Experience

Reduce noise to improve healing
outcomes and survey scores.

Improve Nurse-Patient relationships

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Nurse Rounding

Provide key information to support
proactive care, improving safety

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Patient Safety

Data to proactively structure rounding
and prioritize high-risk patients

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Reports are in-hand to satisfy the 
Joint Commission or regulations

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Incident Support

Forensic research and root cause
analysis becomes much easier

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Leading organizations are using CareSight to improve their operations

Deliver results at multiple levels within your organization
Directors of Patient Quality can quickly identify areas for improvement and save on unnecessary purchases
Informatics and Communications teams can understand, and confidently improve the alarm environment
Nursing Management has the data to run their operations more efficiently while improving safety
  • Evaluate tech purchases
    ​Policy changes
  • Alarm Management - Optimization
  • Escalation and communication
  • Rounding, Shift change huddles
  • Fall Prevention
  • Staff Performance

Useful data is being thrown away

Unused data can provide critical insight to improve safety and operations

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of data is used by the EMR system



of data is clinically significant but discarded

Building your brand in the community depends
on delivering a quality patient experience

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of the decisions made by patients
are based on reputation

Improve your nursing environment

When alarms/alerts are minimized and routed properly, nursing morale and quality time with patients improves.

Manage Patient Perception

A quieter, less hectic environment improves pain control, functional status, emotional health and symptom reduction.

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