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Today’s technology application in hospitals still has some significant gaps:

  • No single technology or process seems to tackle the issue of patient falls in hospitals. 

  • There’s a lack of data integration and visualization to optimize the alarm environment and streamline workflows. 

  • Information is siloed or trapped in the EMR system, where clinicians, patients, and family could be continuously updated as needed.

Alairo Solutions has a front-row seat to the challenges and the approaches being attempted at these and other challenges.  We realize that current technologies are unable to address these complex issues, and set about to elevate our value to our partners and their hospital customers.

We’re there.  In hospitals.  Working with IT, Clinical Engineering, Nursing, and hospital management.  We see the challenges.  We study the challenges and work side by side to help clear the hurdles between current state and excellence in safety, patient experience, and nursing efficiency.

Alairo Solutions

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Lone Star Communications has worked with IT, Clinical engineering, and nursing management for well over three decades, building lifetime customers and delivering 'the right product, on time, first time, no exceptions.' LSC stays keenly aware of the challenges facing today's hospitals and is constantly looking to provide the best products, services, and technologies, whether that requires acquiring or building the aforementioned. The goal being to provide faster expansion of the portfolio and fine-tune the expertise to solve big problems.

One example of this commitment to our healthcare customers includes the decision a couple of years ago to investigate the challenges associated with fall prevention. That led to several acquisitions to address this problem and find ways to combine technologies as well as engage the 'people and process' dimensions to create meaningful improvements. LSC grew an internal team to work on this, which led to the ultimate decision to split that team off into Alairo Solutions, Inc.


ASI was formed with the core objective of partnering with Lone Star and other solutions integrators to help Health Care organizations get the most out of new technologies.

The ASI organization is comprised of a cross-functional team of industry specialists, a development engineering department, as well as a small circle of technology companies.


Alairo offerings are optionally paired with Professional Services, as an overlay for our partners, to augment and develop teams in the integrator community and hospital staff, with the objective of accelerating results and effectively solving problems.


The acquisition of CareSight, now sold as Alairo Insights, delivers a full service analytics development team to support our partner's clinical application and informatics specialists.  Together, we can delver a Patient Care Analytics as a service, with a well-evolved SaaS offering and professional services around alarm management, to improve patient safety, patient experience, and efficiency.

At the core of Alairo is the 'secret sauce.' The Orchestrator, based on the acquisition of InterOp Wizard, is a technology that connects various modalities (things like different RTLS systems, Nurse Call platforms, EMR systems, Patient Monitors, etc.).


Alairo Solutions enables integrators to deliver a complete technology stack to their hospital customers, accelerating their capabilities toward solving serious healthcare challenges.

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