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Alairo InSights
Alarm Management Analytics

Light up your data!

Reduce Alarm Overload and
improve nursing efficiency

Alairo InSights enables fast, confident, data-driven decisions to reduce distraction and make every alert actionable.

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Patient Experience/
Quality Officers

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Senior Nursing

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Your team and your patients deserve a quieter, more peaceful environment


Stop making decisions in the dark

Start managing noise, distraction, and safety risks with easy-to-access information

The stress imparted by hundreds of alarms per day impacts everything from patient satisfaction and safety to nursing morale.

Alairo Insights
for Alarm Management

See how Insights makes the nurse's job easier and more efficient, reducing labor costs and improving job satisfaction

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Leading organizations use Alairo Insight to improve their operations

3 clicks, 5 seconds...
and poof! 

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The data you need to understand:

  • Response times (staff performance) 

  • Nuisance and self-correcting alarms

  • Patient alarm behaviors

  • Alarm chronology

... all available in seconds.

Patient Safety

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Alarm analytics can help identify patterns and trends in alarm events, allowing you to prioritize and respond to critical alarms promptly. By reducing alarm fatigue and improving alarm management, you can ensure that important patient alarms are not missed, enhancing
patient safety.

Alarm analytics can help you identify false alarms and nuisance alarms, which can be time-consuming and disruptive for healthcare providers.

By analyzing alarm data, you can optimize alarm settings, fine-tune thresholds, and reduce unnecessary alarms, allowing your staff to focus on critical tasks and patient care.

Operational Efficiency

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The path to peace (and safety)

Easy Implementation
No major hardware purchases
or facilities projects

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Quick time to value:
Visualization of clinically insignificant and  nuisance alarms

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Patient Experience
Reduced noise and happier nurses helps patients heal faster

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