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Alairo Engagement improves staff efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Information is synchronized between different displays to deliver the right data to the right person in the right place.

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Alairo Solutions powered by Vizabli, a leader in unified hospital messaging and communications. for the Alairo Engagement solution.

Vizabli is a platform that unifies data between Patient Engagement, Clinical Engagement, and Family updates.  

It also brings-in data from PACS, EHR or RTLS systems.

Vizabli eliminates the need for dry erase boards.

Information is updated in all locations simultaneously, with no illegible or partially erased words...

dry erase board 1.png

See how Vizabli incorporates different displays in different places to track a nurse call event and staff response.

Vizabli improves workflow for nursing, admin, and cleaning staff.  Illuminated door boards make it easy to see patient status information from down the hall.

Synchronize communications between EMR and clinical communications

Modernize communications
with synchronized information 
through an Interactive Digital Display system

Save time and offer peace of mind for family members with hands-free updates.

Consolidate monitors and devices at the foot board for less-cluttered patient rooms

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