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Fall Prevention is a multi-disciplinary challenge

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"47% of reported
Sentinel Events
in the first half of 2023

were falls"

Whether it is caused by stronger drugs or staff shortages, falls are on the increase.

Hospitals need cost effective solutions that don't strain
staff resources

source:  Joint Commission


Give the clinical team the earliest possible notice of an imminent bed exit, with the fewest false alarms.

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Challenge #1:

Optimizing assessment, identification, and communication on Fall Risk patients

Hospitals need a standard of determination and collaboration to ensure fall risk patients are properly managed.

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Discover how the T.I.P.S approach helps with classification and communications

Challenge #2:

Personnel shortages affect response times, and increase fall risk

Challenging Nurse-to-Patient ratios make it difficult to address patient needs quickly

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Reduce response times and improve efficiency to reduce risk and  enable more time with patients

Challenge #3:

Technology doesn't always work for the nursing team

Too many false bed exit alarms create distraction and alerts often come too late to help patients

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Learn how to reduce false alarms
and make every alarm count

The right combination of technology, technique/process, and professional services advisory services can be implemented to provide maximum protection against patient falls.

Alairo AFP  -
Active Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention Professional Services

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Alairo AFP -
the technology

The system uses visual tracking of movement and position, and applies machine learning to quickly and reliably identify imminent bed exit activity.

Eliminating the delays and inconsistency in human judgement provides flawless and fast detection.

Fast, Reliable detection 

of impending bed exits

The typical false alarms associated with patient movement - weight shifts  reaching for cell phones, etc. are  eliminated, such that every alarm counts.

Minimal False Alarms 

to make every alarm count

Privacy is maintained, as no images ever leave the sensing unit.  There are no human eyes prying on patient privacy.

Immediate call-back to room on bed exit alarm
(or any notification)

"Stall the Fall!"

Displays pending alarms and alarm history, with the ability to quickly talk to the patient

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Professional Services around Fall Prevention

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Accelerate the path to a safer hospital with professional services.

Based on the extensive work, and in close collaboration with
Dr. Patty Dykes,
services can be
delivered to reduce falls.

Adding rapid, reliable detection reduces response times and can cut fall rates by more than 50%.

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