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CareSight Portal is an "analytics department in a box" -  offering a fully interactive reporting system, on-demand support, and guidance on best practices.

An integrated view of multiple data sources

Hospitals are full of data sources—but their native reporting offerings are limited to the data available in only one system. As simple reporting engines, they tend to be slow and limited to a short window of time. They are just not designed to give you the big picture. The portal is organized into dashboards and reports. Dashboards can be configured to display selected parameters using different layouts and graphs that best highlight the element or comparison being tracked (see examples below).

CareSight Portal quickly becomes an indispensable resource, delivering actionable intelligence around the alarm/alert environment.

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CareSight Portal Manages the Balancing Act Between Safety and Distraction

Patient safety is number one. But, in environments where high levels of distraction are the norm, alarm fatigue can jeopardize patient safety, delay response time, and negatively impact staff morale. CareSight Portal provides the necessary visibility to turn down the noise and bring more clarity (and sanity) to the alarm environment.

Painless Implementation

Unlike most business intelligence platforms, CareSight Portal is both easy and quick to implement. Alarm data from all designated sources are securely transmitted to the cloud, which reduces hardware costs, impacts to staff, and data center resources.

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Improving the Patient Experience

From the very first week, CareSight’s Portal illuminates opportunities for process changes and adjustments to alarm thresholds. Over time, the visibility afforded by aggregating alarm data enables house-wide changes, continually improving staff efficiency and the quality of patient care.

Integrating Multiple Sources to Understand Nursing Distractions

Alarm response time performance is directly correlated to the overall distractions faced by the nursing team. All alarm sources can be displayed and sorted by title or field so you see the full picture of the alarm environment that is managed by your staff.

Your Data, Your Way, in Near Real-Time

The frequency of capturing, sending, and integrating data is critical to providing information support to nursing huddles. CareSight Portal is designed to continuously provide timely data (refreshed in less than five minutes), which helps nursing staff proactively manage patient needs and staff workflow.

With up-to-date information, your team can more efficiently tend to patients that may have experienced slow nurse call response.

Quick Access to Trending Data

Any parameter, over any time period, can be viewed to gain a better understanding of the alarm behaviors facing your team. As an example, peak alarm periods can be identified by time of day and alarm type—and the staffing mix (Nurses vs. PCAs) adjusted accordingly.

Predictive Modeling

Nursing management knows what’s happening on their watch...but without actual data, it’s difficult to confidently make changes in a high pressure, regulated environment.

With the ability to select fields and data sets as needed, assumptions and hunches can be validated before attempting a process change. To reduce risk, CareSight Portal is able to model the results to show the impact of proposed changes.

Dashboards to Track Programs and Initiatives

With CareSight Portal, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be tracked to ascertain the success of improvement programs and initiatives. Reports on KPIs can be generated from the Portal at specified intervals to keep management informed at the right cadence and level of detail.

Priority Reporting

With an aggregated view of all alerts over a specified period of time, management can quickly identify and address higher volume distractions.

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