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Is improving the intelligence around the alarm and
patient monitoring environment valuable to the hospital?

Alarm Fatigue is Real.  It has
far-reaching effects, but it all
comes back to patient experience.

Decisions without data
take longer, induce stress, and are hit or miss in nature

Noise and Nuisance:
Healing and overall outcomes result from good vibes and a good rest.

Fall Risk is hard to fix without data:
Correlation of several indicators helps to proactively reduce fall risk


Effect of Alarm Analytics:

Is your organization working on any of these initiatives?

Quiet at Night

Eliminating nuisance alarms and managing overhead broadcasts has a positive effect on the overall noise level in "the quiet hours"

Improve Response Times

Reduce Escalations

Workplace Stressors

Understanding staff locations and typical response times provides a basis for improvement

When alerts are properly routed and response times understood, fewer escalations result (at least 1/3)

Eliminating 75% or more of the unnecessary noise helps nursing teams to spend more quality time with patients and maintain their sanity

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