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 CareSight transforms raw data into actionable intelligence,
delivering faster results for improvement programs


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Actual results from recent install:

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broadcasted codes

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patient video monitoring notifications

alarm pic.png

of false alarm notifications

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Of patient
calls to RNs were

Reducing Alarm Fatigue improves nursing morale, patient experience and safety

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Excessive alarm "noise" has far-reaching negative impacts

Decision Support Data to Drive Programs

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CareSight improves common
areas of responsibility for
hospital quality teams

And simplifies other tasks
that can prove challenging

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Delivering results at multiple levels within
the organization

Useful data is being thrown away!


Is used by the
EMR system


Unused data can provide critical insight to improve safety and operations

Is clinically significant
but discarded

Managing Patient's Perceptions

A quieter, less hectic environment improves pain control, functional status, emotional health, and symptom reduction.

Improving Nursing Environment

When alarms/alerts are minimized and routed properly, nursing morale
and quality time with patients improves.

Our featured Partner:
TPC Systems


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TPC selected CareSight as their advanced
reporting and analytics platform of choice.

Building your brand in the community depends on delivering a quality patient experience. Ninety percent of the decisions made by patients are based on reputation.

   Source AHRQ 2022

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