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Attn:  Nursing Management

Let's face it, things are changing rapidly in health care

Lone Star is Transforming

Lone Star has made investments and acquisitions to address key issues.
Our development team and clinical application specialists are launching a family of offerings, based on different partnerships and technologies.

We've got a front row seat to the challenges our customers are facing

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"Alairo is a technology platform with
the flexibility to solve multiple, critical hospital challenges.”

Various solutions are being integrated to solve specific problems

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The foundation:  Data

"With visibility to staff performance, and the entire alarm environment, we can confidently make changes to workflows and system settings..."

With the right information at hand, nursing management can proactively reduce fall risk.

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Next up:  Fall Prevention


Alairo AFP
Active Fall Prediction

Vision-based, AI-powered patient positioning and movement monitoring

Near flawless bed/chair exit detection, as early as practical

Communications to mobile phones with the option to quickly call the patient (stall the fall...)

Eliminates unnecessary distraction from patients reaching for their cell phone, etc.

Shift change reports identify
high risk patients

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