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Alairo Solutions  brings powerful technologies to the integrator community

Our focus is enabling nursing efficiency and job satisfaction while improving the overall patient care environment


Eliminate over 50% of the distraction caused by nuisance alarms

We have listened and learned for 31 years, working with teams from clinical engineering through nursing management

As a result, we've made  
acquisitions and investments
address stubborn challenges facing hospitals


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Integrating the right technologies to
dramatically reduce falls

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Fall-specific analytics report bed exits over the previous shift to nurses' cell phones, helping them prioritize patients with a higher probability of falls.
ID the best time to round, using trend analysis of patient behaviors. Optimize your resources based on real-time data.


AI-based fall prediction technology provides continuous monitoring of patient position - and generates the earliest practical warnings of impending bed exits - with nearly zero false alarms.


Chronology reports that include multiple data sources provide a true picture of the events that precede a fall.

This takes the pain out of root cause analysis to allow faster corrective action.

The Center of
Connected Care

Deliver the right information, to the right person, at the right time

Today’s nursing and care teams spend a lot of time looking through different systems for information. Bringing the most important information to their mobile devices saves valuable time, while improving safety, efficiency, and patient care.

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Mobile Alarm Management

Augmenting Nurse Call, Alairo displays a list of active alarms and provides one-touch call back into the patients room (to stall a bed exit or improve patient perception.

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Clinician Info Center

Each nurses mobile phone becomes the portal for important data on patient care (meals, meds, and critical events).

Nurses are informed of high risk patients and can quickly scan recent alarm history.

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Patient Engagement

Alairo engineers the entire information environment around the patient, from replacing archaic whiteboards in their room, to delivering entertainment on large- screen TVs or bedside tablets.

Family Engagement

Keeping concerned family members updated is a consuming task for nurses.

Informing them of key activities around care improves their peace of mind.

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No single technology can solve all of today's healthcare challenges

Alairo augments Nurse Call to provide a solution that addresses multiple top-tier problems
in hospitals. Now, several technologies are combined to improve safety, teamwork, and workload management

Critical Communications

Unify and consolidate patient engagement, clinical support, and family updates in a single system that reduces workload and improves safety.

Alarm Analytics

Enable data-based decisions to reduce noise, address alarm fatigue, and improve staff morale, efficiency, and ultimately patient experience

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Fall Prevention

Detect falls earlier with fewer false alarms; simplify and improve capabilities in fall prevention.  Eliminate errors and delay in human judgement.

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Alairo:  An elegant
integration of technologies

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Unlike typical solutions, the technologies combined in Alairo have a much deeper level of integration.


Alairo Solutions has made strategic investments in these technologies to ensure the highest levels of collaboration between the interconnected systems.

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Enabling the use of all the metadata between systems provides deeper intelligence and context. Alairo goes beyond interoperability, harnessing the best functionality and leveraging continuous improvement from each component.

Works with
Rauland & More

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Engineered around Rauland Responder

Alairo brings more comprehensive communications, optional fall detection, and agile alarm analytics to the environment.

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Digital Health Solutions

Multiple external sources can be snapped-in to the architecture for comprehensive management

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Simplified upgrade of functionality

Leveraging container technology, Alairo has a low-touch impact on IT. Easy deployment of the Orchestrator software is accompanied by the other modules -which remain inactive - but are quickly available to address the changing demands of the hospital.

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